We love Rocktape, having used many different tapes in the past we find this to be the strongest, most enduring and supportive of all the kinesio tapes on the market.

We use it for pain relief, postural correction, to enhance performance and even to help support our pregnant ladies.
Once applied the tape will stay in place for up to five and days and will withstand showering, sweating and all sorts of contact sports!

Rocktape can be used all over the body to support and offload any painful region and can be particularly useful in backs, shoulders and knees. It can help to speed up the healing of a torn calf or hamstring and to protect from shin splints and plantar fasciitis.
We stock a wide range of colours available for you to purchase so that we can show you how to tape yourself as and when you need. Don't let injuries hold you back with our skilled hands and some Rocktape we can keep you moving!