Sports massage for marathon runners TLC for your tired legs!

Wednesday 10th February 2016

Sports Massage for marathon runners

What are the benefits and how often should you have one... 

As the evenings get darker and the nights colder, keeping your body in tip top condition for marathon season is so important before you up your mileage in the New Year. Looking after your muscles is like tending to an expensive car. The more work you do on them, the smoother they will run! So here are just some of the great benefits sports massage has to offer.

Injury prevention and treatment

Muscles that work together are far less likely to rupture or tear and cause a nasty injury. A regular sports massage loosens up any tight spots and can keep your muscles working like a well oiled machine.  Your massage therapist can spot any small injuries or minor niggles and prevent them from developing into anything more serious before race day. 

If you have a pre-existing injury, a regular massage can help to break down uncomfortable swelling and scar tissue. Regular treatment can restore full range of movement in the area and help with your recovery. 

Better recovery and increased blood flow for weary muscles

Our lymphatic systems love the repetitive and continual movements of massage. Massaging tissue towards the heart improves circulation and blood supply to damaged or tired muscles. This helps to repair the body and also gets rid of any lingering lactic acid or toxins that can cause stiffness. Research in the Journal of Athletic Training  found a 30% reduction in post-exercise muscle soreness after runners had been massaged. 

Improved flexibility 

A good massage therapist can pick up on any tight areas you didn't even realise were tight in the first place! Whilst pre and post run stretching can help, a massage will work into deep tissue and really loosen it up. You will really feel the difference in flexibility when you stretch before your next run. 


A regular massage session could put your mind at rest that a niggle or twinge isn't as serious as you thought. A good therapist can keep your muscles in check, pick up on any problems and give you a great confidence boost. Don't forget that massage also releases powerful endorphins that act as natural painkillers and calm inducers. Regular massage sessions can support your training perfectly and also prepare you mentally for the longer runs to come in January.

Here at Body Rehab we know what it takes to keep Marathon trainees in fantastic form.  Dealing with any minor twinges or worries now could make the difference between making race day and reaching the finish line successfully. A couple of sessions a month could give you a great boost in time for the New Year. Whether you feel you need an MOT or simply want a bit of TLC to keep up your motivation during the colder months, our Perfect Preparation Package  for marathon runners could be just for you. This package includes an MOT check, 2 sports massages and a core stability scan all for £80 just call to book in yours now.

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