Tape yourself out of trouble

Tuesday 19th January 2016

If you are injured and need to keep training is it possible that a piece of brightly coloured tape might help?

Marathon season is approaching and we are being asked more and more for any tricks of the trade to help keep our clients running. One of the tools we use to ease symptoms is Rocktape. Often clients need exercise programmes and rehabilitation to fully treat the cause of their problem but there may not be enough time to get this done before race day. Rocktape is a type of kinesiology tape that is applied directly to the skin  to reduce pain and inflammation, and even to enhance performance.  Once applied the tape will stay in place for up to five and days and can withstand showering, sweating and all sorts of contact sports!

Here are just some of the benefits in a nutshell...

1) Rocktape turns down the volume on pain 

Applying Rocktape correctly to an injured area can immediately reduce discomfort and pain. Pain caused by movement is largely generated in the nerve endings within the space between our skin and the muscles. Applying tape with proper technique decompresses this space, putting far less pressure on the nerve endings and therefore stopping pain in its tracks. This can also help not only with injured areas but also with tired muscles. Decompression helps to remove the lactic acid and remove toxins that produce the nasty post-workout DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) so you can get back to your training. 

2) Recovery from injury; reduce swelling and inflammation and aid healing

The decompression applied by Rocktape allows for far greater movement of fluid. By lifting the skin away from the underlying fascia, even by a microscopic amount, this allows for far greater blood flow to and from the area. This is great news for inflammation and swelling. Greater blood flow means swelling can flow out of the area more effectively, toxins from the inflamed site are taken away and vital oxygen and nutrients are brought to the area aiding in faster recovery and reduction of swelling.  

3) Supports strains and promotes better movement patterns

The elasticity of Rocktape allows for full movement of the taped area whilst supporting any areas where tissues has been damaged, strained or overly stretched. By applying more stretch to the tape in the area, we can promote more stability to the vulnerable areas. Forces are distributed more equally to other areas of fascia, ligaments or bones to prevent any further damage and reduce stress on the vulnerable tissue. This can also help to prevent over-compensation injuries. Supporting the area and reducing pain with Rocktape allows the body to move as if it weren't hurt, without pulling other muscles into over-compensation mode. This both allows the problem area to heal properly, and can prevent secondary injuries from popping up.

4) Reduce fatigue, increase endurance and prevent injury - go stronger for longer!

Research has shown that Rocktape can help to reduce the onset of fatigue. Depending on the sport, specific muscle groups will tend to tire before others. By anticipating this, we can advise you on how to tape for athletic performance, targeting areas where you fatigue more quickly. When running for example, repetitive weight bearing movements can takes their toll on the shins, knees and ankles. Rocktape can help to reduce the vibration and impact on these areas. In particular this can be helpful on long-distance runs when form tends to get sloppy! When we are fatigued it becomes harder to maintain good running technique and posture and it is also when we are most prone to injury. Muscle action that normally takes place in great accuracy can fall out of tune. Rocktape calms down the overactive muscles and wakes up dormant muscles to support you when running on weary legs. So even when you tire, Rocktape can help the body to coordinate movement in the most effective way possible to keep you stronger for longer. 

Rocktape is incredibly versatile and offers amazing benefits whether you have a pre-existing injury or are injury free and simply want to prevent injury, maintain your running technique and boost performance. 

At Body Rehab we are here to keep you active and out of trouble!  If you have a pre-existing injury, why not come in and see us for a 'Quickie' session created with marathon runners in mind. During this 15 minute appointment we can advise you on how Rocktape may help your injury, tape you up and show you how to tape yourself as and when you need.  Rocktape is now available to buy at Body Rehab in a wide range of colours at so you can take our tips and expertise home with you!