Perfect Preparation for a spring marathon starts now!

Monday 28th September 2015

The spring marathon entry is done so you can sit back relax and wait till the new year to kick yourself into shape. It's an option but definitely a risky strategy, here are our top tips for getting ahead of the game.

Fancy Footwear
Get the right shoes on your feet before you leave home for your first training run (even if it is just to the end of your road and back). Starting a training programme in the wrong footwear is a recipe for disaster and can make your running feel much harder than it should. We see countless injuries that could have been avoided through making a better footwear choice. You can not run in Reebok classics or Converse (believe me I have seen those who have tried!) If you have never run before please don't try a very minimalist shoe - they may look cooler but you need great technique for them to be of benefit. Visit your local running shop, we are lucky enough to be almost opposite the fabulous Nick Rivett Intersport on Church Rd in Hove but head for somewhere that has experience in dealing with runners. Running in the wrong footwear is like riding a bike with flat tyres or driving a car with no shock absorbers - uncomfortable and problematic to say the least! If you are unsure as to whether you need to get new trainers bring them along to your MOT appointment here at Body Rehab and we can guide you as to what kind of shoe should be right for you.

Don't run to get fit - get fit to run
It seems that everywhere you turn someone is running marathons these days and running seems like the easiest option when it comes to fitness. It's quick and easy to do as well as relatively cheap. What you need to remember is that running is one of the most high impact cardio-vascularly demanding activities you can do and your body might just not be ready for it! Before starting your running programme it might be better to get fit in the gym on non-impact machines such as the cross trainer and bike. This would be a great idea if you have joint problems or are looking to loose a bit of weight. Pilates can help build your core strength and flexibility to reduce your risk of injury. We offer three running specific Pilates classes a week that are ideal preparation. Protect your body by building strength and some fitness before you pound the pavements. This kind of preparation can ease the strain in the new year once the miles start to add up.

Get motivated
Training for a marathon will be hard - very hard and you will need motivation to get you through. A great idea is to read some of the inspiring running novels that are available out there. You kind find solace in the words of the professional runners as they too will tell you that often the first few miles of a run are hellish, and that getting out of bed on those cold winter mornings is hard but the rewards are fantastic. You will find tips such as mantras the elite runners use and breaking the long races down into short managable chunks. The best thing about this tip is that you can do it on the sofa with a cuppa and a biscuit!
Allow yourself to be a beginner, don't give up and be psychologically prepared for the road ahead.

Seek and destroy your Achilles Heel (or any other annoying niggle)
We all have niggles, areas that are always tight, that old war wounds that rears its ugly head now and then. These issues can be dealt with before they become a significant injury or interrupt your training. In our MOT appointments we can address and treat anything that we feel might be a potential problem and reassure you about those issues that aren't worth the worry. We love seeing you all three weeks before your marathon but by that point our options are limited and we are really fire fighting the symptoms. If addressed early you can seek and destroy the cause and really crack on with your training programme. 

Here at Body Rehab we know what it takes to get you through the long winter and bouncing into spring fit and ready to go - our Perfect Preparation Package offers and MOT body check appointment, two sports massages as well as a core stability assessment using our real-time ultrasound scanner all for £80. The perfect present to yourself or a loved one to get them in tip top shape on the start line in April.