Acupuncture, dry needling & IMS (Intra Muscular Stimulation)

At Body Rehab Studios we offer needling of all kinds.

Acupuncture : This is the most traditional form of needling based on the Chinese meridian systems, we use this for pain relief and to promote healing.

Dry needling & IMS : This is a treatment becoming increasingly popular within sports populations. Dry needling or IMS targets the trigger points within your body, the direct and palpable tight tender areas, rather than the traditional Chinese points. This type of needling can be very good at achieving a deep muscular release, this maybe needed in those people suffering with problems such as ITB syndrome, a muscular tear or injuries that have become chronic and recurrent.

We use needling as part of the overall treatment package we offer as physiotherapists. You are welcome to request needling and we will ensure you are booked in with one of our team who can provide acupuncture.