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The Body Rehab Team

Dawn Buoy (Leibe)

Chartered Physiotherapist, APPI Pilates Instructor and APPI Master Trainer

Dawn qualified as a physiotherapist from Kings College London in 2000 and began her career in the NHS, spending time most notably at Kings College Hospital London and Addenbrookes Cambridge where she also worked with the Cambridge University sports teams. She went on to work with the RAF as a physio treating acute injuries and rehabilitating those with more complex problems, as well as covering private clinics around London including an onsite physiotherapist clinic for Merrill Lynch.

Having established a good foundation of clinical skills Dawn took a year out to study full time for a Masters degree at Birmingham University. This allowed her to gain membership to the specialist physiotherapy group the MACP, an achievement that had been a goal for Dawn since qualifying as an undergraduate.

After taking a short break to travel, Dawn returned to the UK to work in the prestigious APPI physiotherapy and Pilates studio in Hampstead London. Having used Pilates as part of her rehabilitation programmes throughout her career, she was able to further her skills by working with the equipment, as well as continuing to teach classes and matwork. During her time in the studio Dawn enjoyed treating clients of all levels, pre and post natal women, professional sportsmen and even the GB Bobsleigh team. Through advancing her skills Dawn went on to become an APPI (Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute) master trainer, teaching other physiotherapists both in the UK and internationally how to integrate Pilates into their treatment programmes. Recently she had the pleasure of working with the team GB physios at English Institute for Sport advising them on how to use the Pilates equipment as part of the athletes rehab programmes.

Now loving life in Hove, Dawn brings both her experience and enthusiasm to Body Rehab Studios and looks forward to working with you soon …

Catherine Acha 

Chartered Physiotherapist and APPI Pilates Instructor

Catherine qualified as a physiotherapist from Coventry University in 2000. 

She has spent much of her career working within the NHS firstly in the midlands before moving to London and working at Charing Cross, Hammersmith hospital and Croydon University Hospital. 
During her time at these hospitals Catherine has treated anything from the acute sports injuries through to Chronic back pain and anything else 

Catherine's main interest lies in Pilates. Catherine used her Pilates qualifications to help redesign the back rehabilitation classes at Croydon University hospital in line with clinical evidence. 

Catherine has a huge array of manual skills and will tailor a treatment plan to appropriately suit each patient. Likewise Catherine is a huge believer in exercises being functional and relevant to each person that they are given to. 

On moving to Brighton Catherine has spent the last 3 years working in private practice enjoying teaching more Pilates classes and 1:1 sessions. Nothing makes Catherine happier than the positive feedback received from patients as they report the benefits that coming to Pilates has had on activities in their daily lives. 

Gemma Griffies 

Chartered Physiotherapist and APPI Pilates Instructor 

Gemma qualified as a physiotherapist from the University of Bradford in 2003. She began her career in the NHS at Eastbourne District General Hospital and later Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals trust. 

Since qualifying she has worked within the NHS as well as working privately with rugby teams. She treated patients at Club La Santa, a sports resort in the Canary Islands where athletes train, using deep tissue and holistic massage to treat private clients. 

Gemma's passion for Pilates was born during pregnancy when she suffered from pelvic girdle pain and more recently following a back injury. She knew that based on the recent evidence, successful rehabilitation should incorporate Pilates style exercises so she joined an APPI Pilates course benefiting from fantastic results. 

Since then Gemma has begun her APPI training and is excited to pass her passion on to other people to help them get better. She feels very strongly that good core stability is of paramount importance before undertaking any level of activity from sedentary activities such as driving or sitting at a desk, to more physically demanding activities such as kick boxing or long distance running and that everybody at all levels can benefit from Pilates to reduce risk of injury and maximise performance. She enjoys taking 1:1 sessions and taking classes where she can tailor the class to suit each individual so that they can incorporate this into their lifestyle.

Laura Smith (nee Edmonds) 

Chartered Physiotherapist and APPI Pilates Instructor

Laura qualified as a Physiotherapist with a master's degree from King's College London, having retrained from working in the civil service. Her physiotherapy training complimented her undergraduate Psychology degree, developing her passion in motivating clients to gain the most from their rehabilitation. 

Since qualifying she has worked within the NHS, at Chelsea and Westminster and Royal Marsden Hospitals, and has gained broad and specialist experience into areas of rehabilitation, from musculoskeletal outpatients and sports injuries, to burns, oncology, trauma, neurology and hands. She also worked as a physiotherapist for Millwall Rugby Club and has enjoyed both in the NHS and sports environment facilitating clients after injury and surgery to return to high level sport and running. As a keen runner herself, conditioning the body to optimise performance and remain injury free whatever your goal be it regular marathons, or fun runs, is central to her treatment ethos. 

Laura's passion for Pilates stemmed from her love of dance and the importance of improving the performance of postural muscles, as well as seeing first hand how the Australian Physiotherapy Pilates technique helped her to remain injury free running her first marathon, and strengthen her body and reduce pain and stiffness from hours spent working on laptops for her masters degree. 
She believes that Pilates compliments manual treatment techniques providing a well rounded treatment approach and enjoys both 1:1 Pilates teaching, and teaching in a group environment. 

Emma Marks 

Pilates Instructor and Office Manager 

Emma has a true passion for all things health, fitness and well-being related, and has always been involved with a variety of sports. She discovered the benefits of Pilates firsthand whilst studying at Bristol University during her History of Art degree; Pilates gave her renewed focus on her well-being and helped to correct postural imbalances and reduce back pain caused by hours of studying over a desk. Emma has since pursued her real ambition to become a Pilates teacher so she can share her love of movement and Pilates with others. She is trained in classical and contemporary forms of Pilates and completed her Level 3 Matwork certification under the tutelage of Anoushka Boone, one of the UK's leading Pilates Teacher Trainers at Pilates in Motion in London. She has also completed her Level 3 specialist training in teaching exercise for older adults., and is particularly interested in teaching Pilates to the older population so that they may reap the benefits of maintained suppleness, strength and ease of movement that Pilates has to offer.

Through Pilates, Emma is keen to guide individuals toward a better understanding of their bodies and how they move. Her classes encompass the whole-body approach of Pilates to strengthen and restore optimum function and balance within each and every body. This includes those seeking improved sports performance, and also those recovering from injury. She enjoys both teaching tailored 1:1 sessions, and teaching within a small group environment.

Emma also helps run the clinic as our Office Manager and expertly and efficiently handling all that is entails! She manages our Pilates classes and works behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly at the clinic, and is the person to speak to class availability and bookings. 

Alexandra Johnson 

Chartered Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor 

Alexandra graduated from St Georges Medical School in 2009 and has since been working in the NHS and in the private sector. She is a qualified Pilates instructor both in Matwork and the Reformer and is also experienced in Dry Needling particularly for Sports Injuries.

Alexandra is passionate about sport and is currently focusing on Triathlon training. She has competed in Ultra running events including the Marathon de Sable in 2001. She has recently moved to Hove from Guildford and still currently trains with Guildford City swim team, as well as Nick Rivett's run squad. 
She also enjoys snow boarding, wake boarding and yoga. 

Alexandra is experienced in working with clients of all backgrounds and ages so don't worry about being a sports nut she is more that happy to look after you!

Gaby Rose 

Pilates Instructor and Rehab Specialist 

Gaby, a qualified Personal Trainer and Rehab Specialist, is currently completing her APPI Pilates qualification in London. She is also a Physiotherapy Technician at the Brighton County Hospital. She specialises in working with patients completing their rehab whether they have sports injuries, back pain or are recovering from operations. Furthermore, she supports people who simply need to improve their strength and flexibility to reduce pain and unease in the body. Pilates plays an essential role in her work at the hospital to build strength, improve balance, flexibility and posture and to achieve fantastic results.

Gaby has always enjoyed and thrived on activities such as dance, yoga, running and swimming. Through her own personal experience she has come to understand that the mind and body are strongly related; she draws upon her knowledge gained from meditation courses and her yoga practice. Gaby believes that physical strength and peace of mind can have significant positive effects on how we live our lives and our general well being.   

Tamir Sharp

Sports Therapist BSc Hons  

Tamir offers a comprehensive, corrective massage treatment, targeting specific areas of dysfunction that arise from both physiological and psychological stress. He uses a range of techniques to reduce pain and tension whilst returning optimal flexibility and tone. He also offers pre and post event massage to reduce the effects of delayed onset muscles soreness (DOMS) and aid recovery