Bump and Beyond at Body Rehab

We have a specialist Women's Health team at Body Rehab to help you through pregnancy and beyond. Our goal is to support your body to be at it's best through this amazing but challenging time.

Pelvic girdle pain, sacro-illiac pain and symphysis pubis pain can be a normal part of pregnancy but they can and should be treated. We can help relieve the pain of the conditions with hands on physio techniques and other tools such as our fabulous Rocktape Baby belt support taping. We also use Pilates to strengthen your core muscles throughout pregnancy to give your pelvis optimum support and help your body prepare for birth.

Post natally distasis recti occurs in 30 % of women (this is where the abdominals remain separated along the midline). We can check for this and use our Realtime Ultrasound scanner to make sure your are recruiting your core and pelvic floor in the best way to help you get back into shape safely and effectively.

We provide 1:1 appointments in large confidential rooms that allow enough space for baby to come along with you to the appointments. We can discuss the best plan for you and work 1:1 with you or direct you to one of our physio led Pilates classes.

We offer both Pregnancy and Post natal Pilates classes and you can bring baby along with you to enjoy the experience together if you wish. 
If you have any questions or need more information please give us a call.

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